Airless Treatment Pump 15ml




This quality, transparent Airless Treatment Pump is supplied complete (all 3 pieces), holds approximately 15ml of product and is perfect for serums, lotion samples, travel and gift packs.  Although designed for serums and all-oil products, this pump happily dispenses our Luxury Moisturiser Base and Soothing Moisturiser Base.

The finish is clear with white pump and base, with a clear push-on lid.


Volume: 15ml
Diameter: 30mm
Height (base to Shoulder): 50mm
Height (base to top of Lid): 100mm
Colour: Clear lid, White pump and base casing, Clear body

Note for Filling:  Super easy to fill just one thing to remember! Ensure the dip mechanism sits into the product, it doesn't displace the very much lotion. If you don't have the mechanism sitting within the product when filling, the pump won't be able to draw the product up and pump it out.

As with all packaging, we recommend thorough testing of packaging before purchasing large quantities.  It is your responsibility to ensure the packaging is compatible with your product / formula. Volume given is as stated by the manufacturer and should be used as a guide only as no marked fill level is given.  We recommend weighing your product separately, and then in the vessel to ensure correct volume.