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Argan Oil, Organic


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Argan is a light oil that is rich in vitamin E and absorbs quickly, making it an excellent addition to virtually all cosmetic products. Argan Oil is particularly nourishing to the hair, so perfect for inclusion in hair conditioners and in small amounts to shampoo. Argan Oil is the key ingredient in the popular Oil of Morocco hair treatments.

Being rich in Omega 9 and essential fatty acids, Argan Oil helps treat and repair damaged and dry hair. Argan Oil is really useful in scalp treatment oil blends, blends for stretch marks and in facial creams and serums - Argan gives all skin and haircare a boost of moisturisation. It has a high polyphenol content which means it exhibits a long stable shelf life, and is useful for its antioxidant qualities.

Argan Oil has many beneficial properties:

  • Quickly absorbed
  • Nourishing and moisturising
  • Rich in so many nutrients: Carotenes, alpha tocopherols (natural vitamin E), phenols and phenolic acid, fatty and essential fatty acids, squalene
  • Exhibits anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities

Argan Oil applications:

  • Skin Care - anti-aging products, soothing for irritated skin, after sun care products
  • Hair Care - emollient for dry, damaged and fragile hair
  • Nail Care - Conditioning and used for brittle nails
  • Lip Care - Soothing and used in lip balms, lipsticks and other lip products

Extraction Method:  Cold Pressed
Country of Origin:  Morocco
CAS #: 223747-87-3
Required HLB:
Usage Rates:  1 - 100%

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INCI: Argania Spinsosa (Argan) Oil
Ingredients: Organic Argan Oil