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Bramble Berry Gemstone Collection Tutorials




Gemstone and Crystal Soap Tutorials

This page contains direct links to Bramble Berry and Soap Queen's Gemstone Fragrance Collection Recipes and Tutorials.  Rose Quartz Fragrance was released earlier than the set of 4 Gemstone Fragrances, but we've included details here because it is an awesome fragrance! 

(Note the Collection special offer is a limited edition and different size in Australia
Once sold out the Gemstone Fragrances will only be available individually)

You can see the launch and Fragrance descriptions in depth on THIS link on Bramble Berry's Facebook Page

Bramble Berry Gemstone Fragrances  

Soap Queen Blog Introducing 
the Gemstone 
Fragrance Collection

Gemstone Free PDF Labels  

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Gemstone Labels
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 Amethyst Melt & Pour Soap Points to make a Loaf   Amethyst Soap Crystal Melt & Pour Soap 
(Take these crystals and make into a loaf or use as single crystals
There are further video's on You Tube for the loaf of
Amethyst points in a loaf)
 Melt and Pour Soap Free Form Amethyst Crystal Tutorial   Soap Queen - Free Form Amethyst (Purple) Gemstones 
 Rose Quart Melt and Pour Soap Crystals Tutorial   Soap Queen - Rose Quartz Melt & Pour Soap Gemstones
 Soap Queen Cold Process Rose Quartz Soap    Soap Queen Rose Quartz Cold Process Soap Tutorial
 Cold Process Agate Spin Swirl Soap Tutorial   Soap Queen Agate Spin Swirl Cold Process Soap Tutorial
Gemstone Bath Bomb Tutorial   Soap Queen's Jade Gemstone Bath Bombs
 Gemstone Bath Crystals   Soap Queen's Sparkling Bath Crystals Tutorial
 Soap Queen Gemstone Round Up Tutorials and Ideas   Soap Queen's Gemstone and Crystal Collection
Project Inspiration and round up
Soap Queen making Crystal Melt and Pour Soap   Soap Queen on How to Make
Emerald & Amethyst Soap Gems on SQ TV

(video also below)




Difficulty: Beginner