Clamshell Mould - Tarts


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Six Cavity Tart Clamshells!  Simple to use, so quick and easy - pour, allow to set, close the lid, label and they are ready to go!

These clamshell moulds come with a hinged lid that sits snugly into the base sealing the container ready for storage, gifting or selling.  These clamshell moulds also have a "hang sell" hole if you are selling your tarts, melts or soaps, these label beautifully and hang for attractive presentation.

Our Clamshell Tart containers have been tested for pours up to 55°C.  If you pour hotter than this you may melt the base causing a hole and therefore a leak.
These handy containers are also suitable for Melt & Pour, Cold Process Soaps and Massage Bars as well as Soy Wax Tarts.

Clamshells are instantly ready to pretty up with Ribbon, Raffia, Stickers or Decals.  These stand beautifully in a row on your craft table, "Hang Sell" rack or tuck into your gift packs.

No Hassles!

Cavities: 1 (with six segments)
Total soap/wax weight of 6 melts:  approximately 45g
Overall dimensions:  width 70mm x length 95mm
Individual cavity dimensions:  25mm x 24mm
BPA Free

Note: If you pour at higher temperatures the mould/clamshell may warp and/melt.