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Coconut and Thai Lime Cocktail Melt & Pour Soap Recipe






10 bars


1½ hours (using pre-made embeds)


Products you need to make this recipe

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This funky recipe is loads of fun and so dynamic! There are a few steps involved, but the finished product looks so darn good!

We used two of our Palm Free Bases, however if you wish to use our other Melt and Pour Soap Bases you can substitute with Cocoa Butter and Clear bases. The whole soap needs approximately 1650g of soap base, the more embeds you use, the less Mango Butter Soap required.

If you make the embeds and marble soaps ahead of time this will make the pouring of the actual loaf a lot faster – time quoted in two increments to allow for this. 

Note:  This recipe was originally prepared with Fresh Green Fig Fragrance, which has been discontinued. We have replaced it with our beautifully tropical Coconut & Thai Lime Cocktail Fragrance for a fresh, crisp scent.





  • Dice all the soap base into 1 cm cubes
  • Place the Mango Butter Soap Base into the larger jug ready to melt and set aside

Stage One - Make the green embed cylinders and marbles

  • Place 170g diced Crystal RC Soap Base into the smaller jug and cover, then melt in the microwave until liquid, watch carefully to avoid boiling – it's best to melt in short bursts and stir between the bursts of heating
  • Remove from microwave, stir and spritz with alcohol to remove any bubbles.  Add 1 measure spoon of Aqua Pearl Mica and combine well.
  • Then add 3ml Fragrance, stir well and then pour into the cylinder mould.
  • After a few hours, repeat the above using 30 drops of Deep Seagreen Liquid Dispersion colourant
  • This makes 8 cylinders of soap – 4 x Aqua Pearl Mica cylinders and 4 x Dark Seagreen cylinders
  • Now make a series of 9 marbles – using the same colour combinations as previously – each 9 marble mould pour requires 60 - 70g melted Crystal RC Soap Base.  This quantity will boil really quickly in the microwave – so beware!  You’ll need 40 marbles for the top of the finished soap loaf.  I made them in 3 different tone combinations of Aqua Pearl Mica and Deep Seagreen Liquid Dispersion. Add 1ml Fragrance to each pour of melted soap.

 Palm Free Fresh Green Fig Melt and Pour Soap

Stage Two – To make the rest of the Soap Loaf

  • When you have completed making the embed soaps it’s time to put it all together.
  • Dice the Mango Butter Soap Base, place in a microwave safe jug, lightly cover the jug and place in the microwave to melt.  This will take much longer to melt than the small quantities, but I still only melt for 1 – 2 minutes, remove, check, stir and then return and repeat until it’s all liquid.  If you don’t cover the jug a thick skin will form.
  • It’s time to arrange the column soap embeds into the mould.  I used some small pieces of unmelted Mango Butter Base as little props to keep them in position.  They can get a little slippery when sprayed with the alcohol and this helps prevent them slipping.  Use a small knife to make two or three props.
  • When the Mango Butter Soap Base has melted completely add 20 - 24g/ml Fragrance and stir well to ensure the fragrance is completely mixed in.
  • Now you have a nice arrangement of colour and angle variations of the embed cylinders in the mould, spritz generously with Isopropyl Alcohol and pour the entire jug of melted Mango Butter Soap into the mould – it will just cover the embeds.  Take care not to bump the mould as the embeds may slip.
  • Once this has set up – this can take an hour or so, you can begin arranging the marble soap embeds on top.  Ensure you have nice straight lines of 4 balls so that you can easily use the Cutter Blade to slice the soap.  10 rows of 4 balls are perfect!

Palm Free Fresh Green Fig Melt and Pour Soap

  • Now melt 120g of Neutral Soap Base (unless you have decided to use Mango Butter Base) – cover the jug and melt this until it’s completely liquid.  Spray the marbles very generously with Isopropyl Alcohol (don’t sniff!) and then carefully pour the neutral (clear) soap all around the marbles.
  • Leave to set up completely, overnight if possible, and then take the Cutter Blade (and guide if you have one) and slice into 10 soaps, you can use the rows between the green marbles as a cutting guide.
  • Wrap as usual

Palm Oil Free: Yes
Difficulty: Intermediate
Yields: 10 bars
Time: 1½ hours (using pre-made embeds)
save: No
sale: No