Cold Process Soap Starter Pack Colours *In stock

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This selection pack of liquid and powdered colours is a great way to get started with colouring your Cold Processed Soap.  All the colours mix and match, both used directly in your soap pot or pre-mix in a beaker to obtain the colour blend you like.

The set includes Liquid Pigment, Liquid Dye, Mica Powder, Neon Pigment, Ultramarine Pigment and Oxide Pigment enabling you to learn how each performs in Cold Process or Hot Process Soap.

This pack includes:

  • 15ml Royal Purple Liquid Dispersion *Currently included is 20g Fantasia Purple Mica
  • 15ml Sunflower Yellow Liquid Lake
  •   20g Salsa Red Mica
  •   20g Cactus Green Neon Pigment
  •   20g Ultramarine Blue Pigment Powder
  •   20g Chrome Green Oxide Pigment Powder
      PLUS free:
  •  10ml Brites for CP Pink Liquid

Save 10% off Regular Price if purchased individually PLUS receive the bonus Brites Pink for CP 10ml.

Note: Packaging vials or bottles may vary but volume and colours remain standard.  Due to the fire, the 20g Fantasia Mica is included until new stock of Royal Purple Liquid Dispersion arrives.