Our Foamy Pumps are just fabulous! Whether you are making gifts, selling products or just wish to save on liquid soaps and bubble bath, you will find our Foamers amazing.  Our Foamies create lashings of lather and foam without the use of gas propellants. The unique pump fitted inside the lid allows for precise measuring of liquid soap and air, resulting in high quality foam with every pump!

Foamies are very versatile - they can be used for:

• Foaming Facial Cleansers, Acne wash and Baby wash
• Shampoo and Body Wash
• Kids Bubble Bath - saves $$ in Bath Gel and Bubble Baths!
• Hair conditioning mousse and Hair styling foam mousse
• Household surface cleaners
• Pet care products

You can see full usage information on Using Foamy Pumps Here

You can see a pictorial tutorial on filling Foamy Pumps Here