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Filling Foamy Pump Bottles



We always have a range of styles of Foaming Pump Bottles, and if you haven't used them before it can be helpful to have some info on usage.

This tutorial shows one of our Table Top Foamy Pump Bottles, but the same applies to filling all foaming pump bottle styles.  
The biggest enemy of the foaming mechanism is water, so don't over fill! 
If you overfill, or submerge in the bath or wash basin, water can enter the mechanism chamber rendering the pump unusable. 
I have had many of my foamers in use for over a year, so it's definitely wise to follow this recommendation!

 You can find other tips and usage info on our Usage and Information on Using our Foamy Pumps Page.


Fillng Foamy Pumps

What is NOT suitable for these pump bottles:

Thickened or non diluted Liquid Soaps (they can be used as long as they are water thin when used in the pump bottles).
Pearlescent mica powders are NOT suitable - they will clog and ruin the pump mechanism and they will not be usable.
Cold Process Soap made 'liquid' by soaking shreds or bars in water is NOT suitable for foamers and will ruin the pump mechanism.
Powdered Coloured Pigments (ie Neons, oxides, clays) are not suitable as they will fall to the base of the bottle, and also clog the pump.
Fixed Oils added to finished products are not a great inclusion in foaming pump formulations.

What IS suitable for these pump bottles:

Thin or dilute Liquid Soaps.
Liquid Pigment Dispersion Colours (NOT Neons or Lakes) .
Water soluble colourants.
Cosmetic quality Fragrances (all our fragrances are this quality).
Essential Oils.
Solublisers such as Polysorbates and CCG.
 If you use too much (I use less than 1%) it can settle in the bottom of the bottle -
you can also warm the distilled water so that it helps it disperse more evenly.

Let's Go!

 Gather together the bits and bobs you have decided to use.  
You don't need to opacify, colour or fragrance your liquid soaps unless you want to. 
Now just follow the pictures:

Foamy Bottles Collage

If you created any bubbles in the liquid soap during mixing, a quick spritz with Isopropyl Alcohol fixes this.

Screw on the lid and you are done!

If you are posting foamers in the mail you will need to tighten the lid mechanism. 
However, do pop in a note advising the recipient to loosen the lid before use.  If you don't loosen the lid the pumping actual will create a vacuum and the foamer won't be able to pump!  Alternatively you can ship your liquid soap in a separate bottle, with instructions for use or a link to this page.