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Foamy Bath Butter (Crystal OPC)




This is a wonderful smooth creamy soap with a butter-like consistency, that lathers beautifully, and can still have all your favourite colours, fragrances and exfoliants added to it.  Use for Sugar Scrubs, Salt Scrubs, Body Parfaits, as a Shaving Cream Soap and is great with our exfoliating Jojobs Beads, Botanical Scrubs, Clays and Bamboo Powder - it's so versatile. This soap adds a whole new dimension to your soapy creativity.

"FBB" can be processed at room temperature, or warmed to soften and whip.  I find it best to soften it slightly in winter, but in summer it is usally okay to begin whipping "as is" at room remperature.

Team with our Jojoba Beads or Botanical Scrub Granules  for a luscious, gently exfoliating Cream Soap!  You'll find our Jojoba Beads and Botanical Scrub Granules HERE

  • Paraben and MPG Free
  • It can be used for shower, bath or facial wash applications
  • It produces a creamy lather with fantastic levels of foam
  • Mild Formulation
  • Non skin irritant by Zein test
  • Moisturising formulation that is rich in glycerine

Ingredients: See Additional Information Tab

For recipes using Foamy Bath Butter including our Ice Cream Sugar Scrub Scoops, Click HERE

This soap is always soft and buttery, and is not suitable for use with a mould - this is a scoopable, soft and moisturising soap base.

Fragrance Load
:  1 - 2%
Additives:  this will vary widely, we like 20 -40g light botanical scrubs to 500g, up to 60g of heavier particle (like pumice).  Adjust to suit.
pH:  5.5 (which is quite low and makes it a very mild cleanser)

Quick "HOW TO":

Foamy Bath Butter is a great "play with" soap base. 

To Cold Process:  Place FBB in generous mixing bowl with a hand or stand mixer with a balloon whisk attachment.  If it's cool weather, squish the butter down a little and begin beating on low.  Once the FBB has started to whip into a smoother texture you can turn the speed up to high.  Once it has increased in volume and is lighter and fluffy looking, add in any liquid, ecfoliants and fragrance/essential oils you prefer.  Spoon or pipe into suitable containers.

Hot Processing
:  Melt the FBB until it has softened to margarine consistency and then beat as above.  If you melt until completely liquid it will take a while to get it to whip nicely and fluff up.  That said, don't walk away with it left on beating or it will over-aerate and collapse in a week or so like a soufflé after a dinner party!

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INCI: Glycerin, Aqua, Sorbitol, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Disodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate, Sodium Chloride, Phenoxyethanol, Tetrasodium EDTA