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Do You Colour Bomb Your Bath?




Products you need to make this recipe

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It's easy to do when making Bath Fizzies, Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars. Why?

When you drip in our concentrated colours, the mixture looks almost white, but as you add moisture
it will become a pastel colour. Then, if you continue to add more colour to make
the mixture darker, when you drop them in the bath - whoa, colour bomb!

Whoa, hold back on the colour! 

Our colours are very concentrated, and though pigments don't stain like dyes (our Liquid Lakes are dyes), too much of any colour will leave a residue on your bath and face cloth.

Cut through the confusion!

Adding Polysorbate 80 will help any colour particles rinse away more easily.

We also recommend you DILUTE our liquid colours for bath bombs before adding to your dry mixture.

You can fix this by diluting our colours in some distilled water, or glycerine. (if you are keeping colours in water for a period of time you should add some Liquid Germall Plus to the mixture).
By adding dilute colours you will have a realistic idea of how dark your fizzy will be, and not be surprised by a sudden colour blast in the bath!

There is no magic dilution rate or guide - this is because every batch and type of product will be to your preference, you get to choose how dark or how pastel you make your products.  Just rememer, the more colour you add, the more that you have in the bath water.  Adding Polysorbate 80 to your recipe will help dark colourants wash away, but if you have a dark, dark colour you may experience problems with colour residue.

Use Liquid Lake Dyes and Pigment Dispersions....... dilute in a bottle or small cup and drip into your mixture
Use powdered Micas and Clays...... mix straight into your mixture

You can purchase our super economical 10ml Eye Dropper bottles or 50ml Twist Top LDPE bottles for easy application of diluted colour into your products.

50ml LDPE Bottle

For more information on types of cosmetic colours and their application,
see Colours – Pigments vs Dyes.

Yes, this is one of ours - this colour bombed Adam is also our fragrance packer !

Whoa, hold back on the colour!


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