Donkey Milk & Calendula Soap Tutorial






10 - 12 bars


1 hour


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Donkey Milk and Calendula Soap Recipe

We loved Stephenson Personal Care’s Calendula Donkey Milk Loaf, so we thought we would make our own version for those who like individual bars.  We have added Calendula Extract and Calendula petals and have scented our batch with Bramble Berry Bergamot Black Tea Fragrance for a subtle clean scent.  If you prefer, you can use your favourite essential oils for scent. 

We are using a six cavity mould (90g per bar), we poured six soaps, and then once they were unmoulded we melted the remainder of the soap poured the second batch of bars.  The Fragrance, Calendula Petals and Calendula Extract can all be added to the initial melt down if you prefer, then gently remelt the soap remainder of the soap for the final pour.  Alternatively, hold back half of the ingredients and make two different batches.

You'll need:

Donkey Milk and Calendula Soap Recipe


Cut the Donkey Milk Soap Base into small chunks, and place in a microwave safe jug, cover loosely, and then heat on medium/low in 30 second bursts. 
Keep the temperature of the melted soap base to maximum of around 70°C 

Donkey Milk and Calendula Soap Recipe

Once liquid add the Calendula Extract, Fragrance or Essential Oil/s, and then the Calendula flowers

Donkey Milk and Calendula Soap Recipe

Stir slowly but thoroughly to combine all the ingredients.

Donkey Milk and Calendula Soap Recipe

Carefully pour into the soap mould, spritz with alcohol to remove any surface bubbles (if using) and allow to set completely.

Donkey Milk and Calendula Soap Recipe

Once completely cold, remove from the mould and make the second batch of soap.

Donkey Milk and Calendula Soap Recipe

We recommend wrapping the soaps, or store in an airtight jar before use


Difficulty: Beginner
Yields: 10 - 12 bars
Time: 1 hour
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