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Marble Stone Melt & Pour Soap Recipe




Experienced Beginner


10 - 12 bars


1 hour


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Who doesn't love the soft and smooth, yet scattered patterns of marble stone? Whether you prefer subtle and delicate or bold and dramatic lines, your Marble Stone Melt & Pour Soap is bound to be a work of art; and the best part is, it's super simple to make!

We used Sage & Lemongrass Fragrance for a fresh, clean scent for our project.  To create the simple swirled design, we combined a White Melt & Pour Soap Base with a Clear Melt & Pour Soap Base. We've kept it simple with SFIC White and SFIC Clear, but you can really use any white and clear soap bases you like!

You'll need:



Cut the White Soap Base into small chunks, place in a large microwave safe jug,
cover loosely, and then heat on medium/low in 60 second bursts. 
Keep the temperature of the melted soap base to maximum of around 65°C.

Marble Melt and Pour Soap Project

Dice the Clear Soap Base and place into a small jug ready to melt when the White Soap has completely melted.

Marble Melt and Pour Soap Project 

Add a few shavings of the Black Colour Block into the Clear soap to make a nice rich charcoal colour.

Marble Melt and Pour Soap Project

Add the Sage & Lemongrass Fragrance to the jug of White Soap and stir well to combine.  

Marble Melt and Pour Soap Project

Carefully pour a trail of the black soap over the surface of the White Soap.

Marble Melt and Pour Soap Project

Now pour into the soap mould, keeping the jug as close as possible to the rim of the mould.

 Marble Melt and Pour Soap Project

Spritz with Isopropyl Alcohol to remove any surface bubbles (if using) and allow the soap plenty of time to set up.
If leaving in damp or humid weather,
cover the slab with a tray.

Marble Melt and Pour Soap Project

When set up, invert the mould, and peel it back from the slab of soap. 

Marble Melt and Pour Soap Project

You can adjust the amount of black soap added to your preference. 

Marble Melt and Pour Soap Project

Begin cutting into individual bars using the guide lines to slide the knife through the slab.

Marble Melt and Pour Soap Project

Finish cutting the slab into 8 bars of soap. 
We recommend wrapping the soaps, or storing in an airtight jar before use.

Difficulty: Experienced Beginner
Yields: 10 - 12 bars
Time: 1 hour
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