Essential Oil Starter Pack

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It can be difficult to know which essential oils to choose when you are just starting out, or what to gift to someone who has an interest in Aromatherapy - our starter pack solves the conundrum!

ALL our Essential Oils are comprised of 100% Pure Essential Oils - they are not cut with anything or diluted unless stated as a dilution in Jojoba.  Our 3% Dilutions are just that, 3% Pure Essential Oil in Pure Jojoba, nothing else.

Pack contains:

  •   5ml 3% Chamomile (Roman) in Jojoba - Organic
  • 10ml Eucalyptus Blue Essential Oil
  • 10ml Lavender (French)
  • 10ml Lime Essential Oil
  • 10ml Litsea Cubea (May Chang) Essential Oil
  • 10ml Orange, Valencia Essential Oil
  • 10ml Palmarosa Essential Oil
  • 10ml Peppermint (Arvensis) Essential Oil
  • 10ml Rose Geranium Essential Oil
  • 10ml Tea Tree Essential Oil

Essential Oils should be diluted in a carrier (any fixed oil such as Almond Oil, in a lotion base, soap etc) before direct application to the skin.

Please read the page links below which contain basic Essential Oil Safety information.  We also recommend consulting an Essential Oil Encyclopaedia for details information on the usage of essential oils.

The Complete Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Handbook
Essential Oil Safety

Note:  This pack is not recommended if you are purchasing it for Cold Process Soap making.  These sizes are too small (mostly Cold Process soap requires approximately 2.5% of the oil weight for effective scenting which is around 25g/ml per 1000g oil)