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Goats Milk Powder




Our creamy Goats Milk Powder is not only excellent in Bath and Body products, but great in soap too!  Goats Milk is ideal for creating Goat Milk Soaps, Lotions and Bath Milk Powders and Skin Masks.  If including in lotions we recommend the use of a broad spectrum preservative. 

Powdered Goatsmilk is excellent (as is Buttermilk and Yoghurt Powder) for use in powdered (dry) Bath Milks.  Use a heat sealable teabag to avoid any "bits and bobs" floating around in the bath and sticking to you and the side of the bath.  Just pop the used bag into the compost or household waste after use.

Our full fat, pasteurised, spray dried goats milk powder contains no preservatives. Goats milk is rich in beta-casein (3 times more than Cow's Milk), Vitamins A, B6, B12 and E and minerals that help nourish and hydrate sensitive, dry and aging skin. The make up of Goats Milk helps balance the skin's pH and helps soothe and moisturise.

Suitable for:  All skin types including sensitive
Applications:  Milk baths, soaps, fizzies, masks, soaks, facials, scrubs and other skin care products.
Shelf Life: 12 months - 15 months (stored in an air tight container in a cool, dark place)
5.2 - 5.6
Usage Rate:
1 - 100%
To Reconstitute: 
Mix 1 part Goats Milk Powder to 8 parts water by weight (20g in 160mL water)
Product Preservation
:  If products are dry no preservative is required.  If used in products containing moisture a reliable preservative system is required.
Organic Status:  Not certified organic
GMO Status:  Not GMO, complies with non - GMO status

Natural Composition:  100%
Country Of Origin:  Australia

In Cold Processed Soap:  Hydrate in warm water and add at light trace.  A good starting point is 20g in 160mL water and adjust if desired.

You can see several Cold Processed Goats Milk Soap Recipes in our Formulary.  If you are using your own recipe, hydrate a concentrated portion and add at trace (If using this method we suggest trying 25g per 1kg of oils adjusting to suit your preference)  More ideas are in our Bath Recipe Formulary Bath Milk Recipes using Goats Milk Here and other products see the Recipe Formulary for Recipes, Video Tutorials and info

Though this is a food grade ingredient, it is purchased for cosmetic use.  If you are looking at this ingredient for use in FOOD, please read this page

INCI: Goat Milk Powder
Ingredients: Full Cream Goats Milk