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In The Pink Cold Process Soap - Palm Free






Products you need to make this recipe

Do you have one or more of these ingredients already? No Problem! Choose only what you need and the total price will adjust accordingly.

This Cold Processed Soap Loaf is for pink lovers, floral lovers, Mums, and of course, Valentine's Day lovers!  Sodium Lactate Plus, which along with the hardness of the bar, aids mould release and adds some moisturising properties.

This palm free cold processed soap loaf was designed for our Flexible Mould - Loaf (Regular) which makes unmoulding a breeze, but as it was a big soaping day, they were already in use and so you'll see the pictures show one of our old silicone moulds.  You can use any log or loaf mould, including our Silicone Lined Wooden Mould.




All your regular Cold Process Soap making equipment and Safety Gear including Goggles and Gloves
A vegetable peeler - to make the curls
500ml to 1 litre jug
Small beaker to hold the Fragrance - helpful, not essential
Moulds to pour the Melt & Pour Soap into.  The soap is at least 1 cm deep in order to slice the curls from the bar/block.  Our Silicone Small Slab Mould is perfect
Spatulas, spoons etc
Isopropyl Alcohol and Spritzer Bottle – optional – to prevent soda ash if you decide on a textured top


You'll need to halt gel for this project to ensure the Melt & Pour embeds on top of the soap don't melt.
You may have a little soap left over, depending on the size of the mould you choose, so keep some spare moulds on the bench and pour the left overs into those.


If you are a beginner, we recommend you make a few batches before attempting this soap due to the hot gel.   For how to make soap from Scratch, please see our Cold Process Soapmaking Instructions.  You can also watch Soap Queen's You Tube Series on Cold Process Soapmaking.

Step One:

  • Make the Melt & Pour Soap curls first.
  • Dice and then melt the clear soap, add some Carmine Liquid Dispersion, 5ml (about 1 teaspoon) Fragrance and allow to set. This is the dark pink/red soap for making curls.
  • Then repeat this process for the White Melt & Pour Soap, add Carmine Liquid Dispersion to make a pastel pink, 5ml (about 1 teaspoon) Fragrance and allow to set in a mould (either use a separate tray mould or a second one).
  • Once these soap bars are set, take the vegetable peeler and carefully slice long curls of the Melt & Pour Soap ready to embed - this is by slicing the 1cm depth of the soap to make the curls.

Step Two

  • Place the loaf mould onto a rigid tray, and clear one shelf of the fridge ready to take your soap tray.
  • Bring the cold processed soap to thin trace, and then colour to your preferred "pink" shade. Carmine Liquid Dispersion can "pull back" a little, so use a little more than you feel you need - I tend to overcolour when using Carmine in Cold Process Soap.
  • Add Brites for CP Pink Liquid to give life and lighten the deep pink and gift it more life.
  • Now time to work quickly.  Add the remaining 25ml Fragrance, and hand stir to combine well.
  • Throw in a good handful of the darker coloured soap curls and carefully hand stir to distribute evenly through the traced soap - no mechanical blending.
  • Pour the soap into the loaf mould to the top rim.

  • Work quickly, and begin to embed the dark pink soap curls into the top of the loaf, leaving room to put the paler pink ones in afterwards.
  • Once you have finished arranging the dark pink curls, intersperse the pale pink ones.
  • Spritz with isopropyl alcohol.
  • Dust with Glitter.

  • Place the tray into the refrigerator immediately and leave for several hours or overnight to avoid it gelling.
  • Remove from the fridge.
  • We recommend leaving the soap in the mould for up to a week before unmoulding.
  • Unmould and slice as usual, and then set aside to cure.


Palm Oil Free: Yes
Difficulty: Intermediate