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Kit - Solid Shampoo Bars




Make your Shampoo more Eco - make your own Solid Shampoo Bars from Scratch with this kit.

Making solid Shampoo Bars is easy!  These Eco-friendly Solid Shampoo Bars mean no plastic bottles or excess packaging, and they last a long time in use.  This kit is suitable for you even if you have never made a solid shampoo before.  You can select to mould the bars with our Disc Moulds with Lids, and re-use these afterwards for more shampoo bars or soap, or you can upgrade to include a Moon Cake Press - to mould your bars in a more decorative style. Note!  The Moon Cake Press takes a little more care to unmould, whereas the Disc Moulds have the mixture simply pressed into them.

Free From:  Parabens, PEGs and sulfates

This kit makes 5 x Solid Shampoo Bars @ 100g each or around 10 using the Moon Cake Press (= a batch of 500g).  As well as coming with extensive printed information and instructions, there is a Mini Tutorial HERE in our formulary too.

Kit contains:

  • SCS Needles
  • Hostapon Paste
  • Cocomidipropyl Betaine
  • Sodium Lactate Plus
  • Polyquat 7
  • dl Panthenol Powder
  • Citric Acid
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Conditioning Emulsifier 25
  • Liquid Germall Plus (Preservative)
  • 10ml Artisan Fragrance with Dripolator
  • 10ml Pure Essential Oil or Pure Essential Oil Blend with Dripolator
  • 5 x Round Disc Moulds with Lids
    or UPGRADE with
  • a Small Round Moon Cake Press
  • Full Instructions

All ingredients are pre-measured ready for you to work with, and you can use our Disc Moulds with Lids to mould and store your shampoo bars, or Upgrade and include a Round Moon Cake Press (Small) which can also be used for making Bath Bombs or Shower Steamers.

Note:  Graphic represents actual ingredients, the kit contents will be combined to reduce packaging.