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Liquid Neon, Pink Piggy




This pigment range has replaced our Brites NG.

The colour is strong and vibrant, but when used with Titanium Dioxide, or in an opaque based soap the colour is a baby pink pastel shade. Use at full strength for an “in your face Neon”! 

If you have not used this new colour previously we recommend a small trial to ensure the concentration and shade meets your requirements.

Product Suitability:

Melt & Pour Soap - Yes
Cold Processed Soap - Not tested
Cosmetics including Eye area - No
Lip Products - No
This Colour is a:  Liquid blend of pigments and dyes
Oil based products: No – if using an emulsifier is required
Soy Wax:  No
Liquid Soaps:  Not tested, we expect particles may settle to the bottom of the bottle over time
Foaming Pumps: No - particles will clog the mechanism
Usage Guide Range:  varies widely depending on intensity required, see graphics

Our Test Results:

Produces a vibrant pink at full strength, but a lovely pastel pink colour at low concentration in White Melt and Pour Soap. 
pH sensitivity: Our tests have shown these colourants are stable in high pH products (Cold Process Soap).  However, you may need higher percentages of Plummy Purple and Persian Blue for Cold Process Soap to attain the depth of colour.  The pigment is stable, but please undertake a trial batch.
Colour Fading: This colour is not prone to fading.
Colour Bleeding (Migration):  No bleeding evident in our tests, suitable for embedding, layering and swirling.

Ingredients: CI / INCI: Glycerine, Polyester 3, Red 28
Colour Bleeding (migration): No
Cold Process Soap (stable At High PH): The pigment is stable, but please undertake a trial batch.
Colour Cosmetics - Eyes: No
Emulsions (ie Lotions): Not tested
Lip Products: No
Liquid Soap, Shampoo, Body Wash Etc: Not tested
Melt & Pour Soap: Yes
Oil Soluble Or Dispersible: No
Pigment Or Dye: Pigment
Scrubs, Anhydrous Products: No
Vegan: Yes
Water Soluble Or Dispersible: Yes, dispersible