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Lotion Making Starter Pack




This Starter Pack of Lotion Making Ingredients has been designed after many requests as a companion to our Making Your Own Moisturisers Book, or if you are using one of our beginner recipes in our Free Formulary.  This pack will get you started making your own quality, natural handmade Moisturisers, Lotions and Basic Hair Conditioner from scratch.

As a guide to the quantity this pack makes, on the basis that these ingredients are 20% of your formula (80% of your formula is water), this pack will make approximately 3.8kg (approx 4 Litres) of product.

Either alone or partnered with our Making Your Own Moisturisers Book, this pack makes an ideal gift.

Included in this Pack is:

  • 100g Emulsifying Wax NF
  • 50g Conditioning Emulsifier 25
  • 100g Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol 
  • 100ml Vegetable Glycerine PF
  • 250ml Sweet Almond Oil
  • 25ml Infused Calendula Oil
  • 100g Cocoa Butter Pellets
  • 50ml Liquid Preservative - your selection
  • 1 Pipette 
This pack does not contain recipes, Fragrance or Essential Oils, but is a selection of ingredients to get you started and has all the basics required to make natural, safe moisturisers and lotions from scratch.

If you require a specific recipe or instructions to make a moisturiser or cream from scratch, we recommend purchasing
a make your own Luxury Moisturiser from Scratch Kit instead of the starter pack. 

We recommend starting with the included preservative as it is versatile and easy to use (and Paraben free).  However, there is an option to Upgrade to Nipaguard SCE (plus pH strips & Citric Acid).  Please bear in mind that some experience is required if you wish to use a natural preservative system, which includes controlling the pH with Citric Acid (This is explained in the book or info flier included with the product).

There are several Upgrade Options that you can select below:

Upgrade 1:   Add a Thermometer - essential for making your own moisturisers and lotions
Upgrade 2:   Add a Starter Pack Of Cosmetic Containers and Tubes
Upgrade 3:   Switch preservative to Nipaguard SCE, Citric Acid and pH Strips
Upgrade 4:   Add Making Your Own Moisturisers Book

This pack does not contain formulas or recipes, ingredients only

Free Recipes can be found in our formulary or you can purchase Making your Own Moisturisers Book as an add on or separately.