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Making Soy Wax Tarts






30 mins


Products you need to make this recipe

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Soy Melts or "Tarts" are such fun to make, and make instant gifts that are always appreciated. They are so easy, just melt, colour, fragrance and pour!
NOTE:  We no longer stock soy wax; this tutorial is for information on how to use our fragrance and moulds to make soy melts.

You can find our guest soap and Tart Moulds range HERE

About Soy Wax

Apart from its ease of use and biodegradability, one of the great benefits of Soy Wax is that it is a completely sustainable, renewable product. Why else is it great? It burns cleanly – this means no black “soot” like you see from a paraffin or gel candle. Of course, melts don't smoke, but it's good to remember if you are making Pillar Candles.

EcoSoy Soy Wax

What you need: 

  • Eco Soya Advanced Wax  (You can also use Eco Soya PB Wax if you have it on hand)
  • Fragrance
  • Mica or Oil Soluble Colour - if desired, though I tend to leave melts "au naturel"
  • Tarts Mould
  • Thermometer
  • Spoon, stirring stick, chopstick or kebab stick
  • Heating vessel for the wax - I use a Pyrex or plastic microwave jug

Safety notice - NEVER leave your heating wax unattended. Occasionally stir the wax whilst melting to ensure that it melts evenly and doesn’t burn


  • Melt soy wax at a temperature of 60 - 70°C. If you leave the wax on too high or over heat it will begin to discolour and may evaporate out
  • It is a good idea to cover work surfaces in case of spilled soy wax/colour
  • When the soy wax is completely liquid, add the colour and fragrance
  • Stir in the fragrance and colour completely to ensure a clean and even burn. We recommend a fragrance load of 5 - 7% (This is 5- 7 ml/g per 95g of Wax)
  • Allow wax to cool to approximately 60°C before you pour into the mould

  • Allow your melts/tarts to cure for 48 hours before burning.  The longer you wait for a cure time, the better the scent throw will be


As tarts are quite small, unmoulding them is easy.  Make sure they are completely set, invert the moud and tap the edge of the mould on the bench and the tarts fall out.  If you experience any issues, put the mould into the freezer for 5 minutes (not longer) once set to shrink the wax and they will pop straight out of any mould. Soy Wax doesn't like to be frozen, so don't forget them in the freezer!

Burning Soy Tarts (Melts)

  • Place the Melt into the top of a regular Essential Oil "burner" - the type that takes a tea light candle
  • Place a tealight candle in the normal position in the burner and light
  • Make sure you place the burner is on an even, heat–resistant surface whilst lit
  • As the Wax Melt/Tart melts, the fragrance is released into the air
  • You can re-melt the tart until it has evaporated out
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended
  • When you place the Soy Tart into the bowl of the oil burner, ensure there is sufficient space between the flame and the bowl - 5 cm is suitable, most burners will have a little more head room than this though.
  • Also ensure that the bowl is sufficiently large to take the size of the tart, the melting bowl should only be half full once the melt has fully melted.

Soy Melts

The Melts above are uncoloured, the Fragrance has given them that lovely apricot colour.

Difficulty: Beginner
Time: 30 mins