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Mica, Garnet Glitter




Like a glowing Garnet gemstone, this Mica will bring a stunning sparkle to your soap or cosmetics.  The larger particles in this Mica act like a fine glitter and sparkle through clear Melt & Pour Soap Base like a brilliant gemstone.  In white or opaque Melt & Pour Soap, this colour will be a very light pastel shade, with a concentrated layer of larger mica particles in the top layer if you pour at a higher temperature, resulting in a lovely, glitter-topped soap bar.

Suggested Usage:  Start with about ¼ teaspoon per 500g of scrub, bath bombs, etc. For Melt and Pour Soap, mix 1 teaspoon pigment with 1 tablespoon of 99 percent isopropyl alcohol.  Add ½ tsp. of dispersed mica at a time to the melted soap.  For Cold Process Soap, mix 1 teaspoon with 1 tablespoon of lightweight oil.  Add 1 tsp. of dispersed mica at a time to the soap.  We recommend adding Polysorbate 80 when using in Bath Bombs.

Product Suitability:  
Melt & Pour Soap: Yes, performs best in clear Melt & Pour soap base.
Cold Processed Soap: Yes, light sparkle throughout, best brushed or sprinkled on the surface.
Bath Bombs: Not tested.  We recommend the inclusion of Polysorbate 80 with Micas in Bath Bombs.
Cosmetics including eye area: Yes
Lip Products: Yes
Oil Based Sugar Scrub: Yes
This Colour is a: Non-bleeding colour
Particle size: 200-700μm

Our Test Results:
Produces a glittery garnet - red/copper colour in clear MP Soap Base.  Colour shows as pastel in opaque soap.  To ensure even distribution in opaque MP Soap base, pour at low temperatures.  Pouring at high temps will result in a surface concentration of the sparkly particles (which is effective too), with a concentration of larger 'glitter' particles sinking to the bottom of the mould, producing a glittery top layer in the soap when unmoulded.  Please note, this effect will vary depending on the amount of mica used.  The easiest way to incorporate this mica in MP Soap is to moisten it with some Isopropyl Alcohol, glycerine or water making a slurry, then mix in.  A ratio of 1:3 works well.  Hydrating with oil is recommended for CP soap if using within the soap, as a guide use a ratio of 1:4 mica to oil works well for us with most micas. We always recommend small batch testing before embarking on a larger project.

pH sensitivity: Stable in high pH products such as CP Soap. 
Colour Fading: Stable
Colour Bleeding (Migration): Non bleeding, suitable for embedding, layering and swirling.

Note: Our Micas  are packed in resealable vials, tubs or jars unless purchasing 500g and above or surplus stock.

INCI: Fluorphlogopite, Iron oxide
CAS #: 12003.38.2, 1309.37.1