Palm Kernel Oil




Highly sought after RSPO Palm Kernel Oil is a wonderful ingredient for Cold Processed Soap.  Replace some of the Coconut and/or the Palm Oil for a harder, whiter, silkier bar. Palm Kernel is a hard, solid white oil, and has a higher melting point than regular Palm. Its use ensures a big and stable lather and creates a smoother, tighter texture than Palm Oil. 

Also known as PKO, it is very stable, resists oxidation and has an excellent shelf life.

Use Palm Kernel Oil in Cold Process Soap at 10 - 20% - however, it will speed up trace a bit!

Country of Origin: Malaysia
Our Palm Kernel Oil is known as "Green Palm" by the RSPO.

NOTE: This oil comes in a solid block, and is not a liquid oil.

If you are looking at this ingredient for use in FOOD, please read this page

INCI: Elaeis guineensis (Palm) Kernel Oil