Pumice Stone, Ground


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Our finely Ground Pumice Stone is ready to use in your soaps and other scrubby products.  Finely ground Pumice Stone is a light, porous, glassy lava rock - the rock is ground and used as a polish, exfoliant and abrasive.

To Use:  When adding Ground Pumice Stone to Melt & Pour or Cold Processed Soap, it will help to eliminate dry spots and lumps if you moisten the pumice first by removing some of the liquid soap base before re-introducing to your batch.

  • Add after Melt & Pour Soap has cooled slightly and begins to appear a little syrupy
  • With Cold Process Soap, remove some very lightly traced soap and stir the Ground Pumicemedium to heavy trace. By pouring both soaps when they are thicker in consistency you will avoid the pumice settling out whilst your soap cools and/or sets up.

Usage Rate:  There is no fixed amount to add, it is really how exfoliating you prefer your soap or scrub to be.   We suggest starting with 2 tablespoons per kilo of soap, and take it up or down from there to suit your preference.

Cas #:  1332-09-8

INCI: Pumice