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Quick & Easy Chamomile Oat Solid Shampoo Bars






9 bars


30 mins


Products you need to make this recipe

Do you have one or more of these ingredients already? No Problem! Choose only what you need and the total price will adjust accordingly.

 Using Crystal SS base to make Solid Shampoo Bars

Stephenson Crystal SS Melt & Pour Soap Base makes it's easy make your own customised Solid Shampoo Bars.  This base is used like all Melt and Pour Soap bases and you can add whatever hair loving goodies you enjoy using.  This recipe uses Organic Chamomile Extract and Hydrolyzed Oats, but you can also add Vitamin E, dl Panthenol, other herbal extracts and proteins and even Polyquat 7 (or other quats) for conditioning.

I like to make just two shampoo bars at a time (for personal use), but if you are gifting or selling your shampoo bars, just multiply the amounts of the additives accordingly. 

You'll see from the graphics that the finished shampoo bars are a creamy colour - this is due to the dark colour of the Hydrolyzed Oats and extract, this is normal!

Ingredients for 2 Shampoo Bars:


Using Crystal SS base to make Solid Shampoo Bars


Assemble ingredients and equipment.

Using Crystal SS base to make Solid Shampoo Bars

 Dice and weigh 240g Shampoo Bar Melt & Pour base into the jug and then melt the in short bursts
in the microwave until liquid - temperature should be around 70°C.

Using Crystal SS base to make Solid Shampoo Bars

Stir to ensure all the soap is melted then add the Chamomile Extract, Hydrolyzed Oats and Chamomile Essential Oil.

Using Crystal SS base to make Solid Shampoo Bars

Carefully pour into the clamshell bases and allow to set completely.

Using Crystal SS base to make Solid Shampoo Bars

Done!  You can see the colour is now a creamy or pale beige.
Label and pop on the lids and they are ready to use.

Though the batches are 240g per pour, making 2 shampoo bars at a time, if using "Add to the Trolley" you will have enough ingredients to make 9 shampoo bars. 

Difficulty: Beginner
Yields: 9 bars
Time: 30 mins
sale: No
save: No