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Sea Breeze ITJ Melt & Pour Soap






6 - 12+ bars per batch


30 mins


Products you need to make this recipe

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 Crisp Cotton Palm Free ITJ Melt & Pour Soap Swirl

Our Palm Free Melt & Pour Soap Base is probably the easiest MP Soap Base to swirl we have ever used, so I have been stuck in a bit of a swirling groove during our trials with this new base.  I'm planning new non-swirled projects next though!

I still love swirling this base, so here is a beginner ITJ pictorial tute (well, if it was Cold Process Soap it would be "In the Pot", but as it's Melt and Pour Soap it's in the Jug!), featuriing the lovely Fresh Linen Fragrance.  We actually made two colours, the yellow and the blue one, so if using "Add to trolley button" and you only want to make one coloured soap, just remove the other colour from your trolley.  If you are making two different coloured pours, just divide the fragrance and soap base into two batches.

Our Palm Free Soap range have a higher melt and set up temperature, so bear this in mind as you craft this base, it's best poured at 65 - 70°C.
To make SIX soaps of one colour range (ie blue and white) use the ingredients below.




Dice and weigh soap bases into separate jugs and then melt the first two jugs - one Goatsmilk (or White) and one Crystal RC.
Check the temperature - both should be around 65°C.

Add colours to both the jugs of clear soap (shave the blue colour block to make it easier to melt, you'll probably only use half the block).
Add 8g/ml fragrance to each jug (you can use less if you for a more lightly scented soap).

Carefully add half of the Goatsmilk white soap base into the blue colour soap.  DO NOT STIR.

Now slowly pour soap into the first cavity, allowing the soap to swirl in the mould as you pour.

Spray the surface of soap with Isopropyl Alcohol to remove any surface bubbles.

Repeat for the other two cavitites.

Now repeat this process for the yellow soap and the remainder of the white soap. 
If the soap has become too thick, 5 or 10 seconds in the microwave will re-melt.

Use the same process as previously.

Spritz with Isopropyl Alcohol again and allow to set up completely - usually for several hours.
Unmould and then wrap soap as usual.

If using "Add to trolley button" and you only want to make one coloured soap, just remove the other colour from your trolley.  Also, the trolley contains 2kg of soap base, which will make 2+ batches of this recipe (16 bars of soap)

Palm Oil Free: Yes
Difficulty: Beginner
Yields: 6 - 12+ bars per batch
Time: 30 mins
sale: No
save: No