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Shrink Bags (Polyolefin) 4" x 6"


SKU: SB4x6


10cm x 15cm.
Keeping your soap dry and ready for gifting or selling can prove challenging!  Our shrink bags can help you hygienically protect your soap from Fragrance loss and seal it safe from "sweating" if it is Melt & Pour Soap.

Our Shrink Bags are open on one side, so you can easily slide in your soap bar, or other bath products, heat seal the opening, and then shrink with a Heat Gun.  Your soap can then be labelled and stored in pristine condition

These bags are made of clear polyolefin shrink film which shrinks up to 40% at between 70 - 110°C.  What is the difference between Polyolefin and PVC?  Polyolefin shrink film is a softer, more pliable material than PVC film.  Polyolefin film allows the scent of your soap to be sniffed through the film whilst keeping noses off the product!  Polyolefin degrades naturally over time.

This size bag is suitable for guest sized soaps, a few lip tubes, sample size packs etc.

Shrink Bags are simple to use:

  • Place the Soap into the bag
  • Seal the opening with a Bag or Impulse Sealer
  • Use a Heat Gun to shrink the wrap moving constantly around the sides of the soap
  • Done!


Small Impulse Sealers (Bag Sealers) can be purchased really economically from a craft store or more sturdy models from your local Bag Sealing & Packaging Equipment Company or online.  (Check the Yellow Pages in your State)

Heat Guns are available from a hardware store (used for paint stripping) or scrap booking stores have them for embossing. (Hair dryers don't have enough grunt for bag shrinking)

Some crafters tape the open side of the bag to close, but this can cause uneven shrinking and leave a gaping hole, although it can be successful, particularly on larger items.

You'll be amazed how handy a bag sealer is for the kitchen - sealing open packets of breads, frozen veggies and pantry items to keep them fresh longer and keep out the moths!  Felicity reports that she successfully seals our bags with her "Sunbeam Food Saver to seal the bags and it works perfectly"

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