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Shrink Wrap Bands - Size 6




200 pack.  Our Shrink Wrap Bands come in several sizes to suit a wide size range of tubes, bottles and jars.   These bands feature a tamper proof seal – protection for your products - just unzip from the neck of the container to remove.

This size band fits our 100ml Double Wall Jars, White 100ml Wide Neck Tubs and Black 100ml Wide Neck Tubs.

Size: Fits apertures 69mm to 76mm DIAMETER
Material: High clarity PET shrink film which shrinks up to 50% at 120°C
Thickness: 1.2mil approximately

Our Shrink Wrap Bands help you hygienically protect your products from people "testing" your stock, and of course ensure friends and customers alike know your product is in the same condition as when you popped on the lid.  The convenient perforated strip makes it obvious to see your product has not been tampered with - and lids can't come loose during transportation.

The band is like a "ring" that you slip around the circumference of the tube (see the graphic) where the lid joins the base.  Once you have slipped the band over the rim, simply shrink.  

How to use our Shrink Wrap Bands - it's easy:

  1. Open the band, and slip over the circumference of the tube or pot to cover where the lid fits the tube
  2. Shrink the band into place using a Heat Gun, moving around the circumference as it shrinks
  3. Done!

Heat Guns are available from a hardware store (used for paint stripping) or scrap booking stores have them for embossing. (Hair dryers can do the job, but using them for this purpose will shorten their life)

If using our bands for packaging purchased elsewhere - please see the graphic to ensure you purchase the right size.  WE WILL NOT ACCEPT RETURNS OF THIS PRODUCT IF IT DOES NOT SUIT YOUR PACKAGING.  The bands are folded in half - this is half the circumference.  To ensure the best fit, measure the diameter of the lid and ensure it fits in the middle of the sizes given above. 

Bulk Sizes are not eligible for further discounts