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Shrink Wrap Bands SOAP - Size Medium




200 pack.  These custom made Soap Shrink Wrap Bands come in two sizes to suit the most widely made soap bars. If you are wrapping guest size soaps, just cut the band in half to fit the smaller dimensions. These are simple to use and easily provide a professional finish for your soap!   

Shrink Wrap Bands help to hygienically protect your soap from people handling your stock and when it is in transit to customers.  Best of all, the bands have a perforated easy-open strip for ease of use when your customer gets their soap home. The band is a transparent cover that you slip over the bar of soap  - you can label it on top of the band once shrunk to fit, or use a cigar style label and then shink the band over the labelled soap.  

Melt and Pour Soap:  These bands are not suitable for any Melt and Pour Soap Bars as the ends are open to the air and the soap may sweat in wet or humid conditions.  Use Shrink Bags for Melt & Pour Soap.

Approx. Band Dimensions: 10cm x 8.73
Perforations:   run down 10cm side
If in doubt, purchase the LARGE bands.
Material:  Polyethelene

Many of our moulds produce bars that fit this band (lots and lots), just a few of them are:

Flexible Mould - 12 Bar Rectangle  
Flexible Mould - 12 Bar Square 
Flexible Mould - 6 Half Cylinder 
BW Flexible  Moiuld -  6 Bar Rounded Rectangle
Most guest soaps - you may need to trim the sleeve prior to shrinking
Flex Guest Mould - 100% Hand Made (ROUND) - just fits; if in doubt, purchase the large
Flex Guest Mould - 100% Hand Made (SQUARE) 

How to use our Shrink Wrap Bands - it's easy:

  1. Open the band, and slip over the faces of the soap to cover the largest surface
  2. Shrink the band into place using a Heat Gun, moving around the circumference as it shrinks
  3. Done!

Heat Guns are available from a hardware store (used for paint stripping) or scrap booking stores have them for embossing. (Hair dryers may do the job, but using them for this purpose will shorten their life as the motor buns out quite quickly and not it does not give as good a result as the heat gun)

IMPORTANT:  Please see the graphic to ensure you purchase the right size.  WE WILL NOT ACCEPT RETURNS OF THIS PRODUCT IF IT DOES NOT SUIT YOUR SOAP.  The measurements given are a guide only, and not exact.  Various bars of soap and textured top soaps need to be measured to ensure the band is large enough.

Bulk Sizes are not eligible for further discounts