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Simple Hair Conditioner with Oat Protein






200g (10 x 200g batches!!)


1 hour


Products you need to make this recipe

Do you have one or more of these ingredients already? No Problem! Choose only what you need and the total price will adjust accordingly.

This really is a simple conditioner to make, if you are a total novice, making this will give you the confidence to make more complex formulations.  This is nice dispensed from a Pump Bottle, Stubby Bottle or even a Tottle tube.   This uses the "one pot method", which is not a method recommended for more complex formulas, but you can use it with this formula, and even avoid a stick blender if need be!

200g is quite a small batch, so using a regular stick blender is not going to be feasible, you can use a mini mixer, small coffee frother (at a pinch) or a small balloon whisk and mix manually.


Phase A

Phase B

  •   1½ g (2 droppers) Preservative of choice (between 0.5 - 1%)
  • Up to 2g/ml (1%) Essential Oils/Fragrance **Adjust this down as required and the water % up

Equipment you'll need:

1 Pyrex or microwave safe jug - 500ml size
Mini mixer or small balloon whisk - this must sit UNDER the surface of the mixture
Scales, spatulas etc

Note:  Ensure you can sanitise all equipment - especially the whisk - it's best to have dedicated lotion making equipment.


  1. Set aside the Hydrolyzed Oats

  2. Combine the Phase A ingredients (Distilled water and Conditioning Emulsifier) in the jug and heat to 70 – 75°C - checking and stirring periodically

  3. Manual stirring with a whisk is all that is required (You may like to give the mixture a quick whizz with the stick blender if making a large volume to ensure it is homogenous (well mixed and looking like creamy milk)

  4. Remove from heat and hand stir periodically while it cools. DO NOT BEAT AND BEAT THIS MIXTURE!  Whisk consistently to ensure the mixture remains creamy and homogenous.  If using the stick blender, use quick short blasts to mix

  5. Add Hydrolyzed Oats

  6. When the mixture has cooled to 40°C, add the required percentage of preservative (0.5--1% for Phenoserve or Optiphen Plus or 0.3 - 0.5% Liquid Germall Plus), and also any Essential Oils or Fragrance

  7. Mix well to combine and put into pump bottle, Tottle or Malibu Tubes. If you like to have a thicker consistency, you will need to do this whilst it is still warm.

Argan Oat Hair Conditioner

 Argan Oat Hair Conditioner

  • I like to use a mid sized Zip Lock bag to fill my containers, as it's less messy and keeps everything clean.  Cut the bottle corner off and pipe into the bottles
  • Label and seal bottles or tubes when completely cold


  • We have included oh four bottles with pumps in the trolley items, but there is no essential oil or fragrance.
  • To see our recommended suggestions to scent surfactant and hair products click HERE
Difficulty: Beginner
Yields: 200g (10 x 200g batches!!)
Time: 1 hour
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