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Mandarin & Honey Moisturising Hair Conditioner DIY




Experienced Beginner




1 hour


Products you need to make this recipe

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Mandarin Honey Moisturising Hair Conditioner

I scented this conditioner with Mandarin and Pure Honey Fragrance, after L’Occitane’s Miel Mandarine Hand Cream.  I had a little trial of  L'Occitane product and loved it!  I intend on working on a hand cream (some time!) but for now, I wanted to trial our GENADVANCE®  HYDRA and Abyssinian Oil Extra in a light moisturising hair conditioner.  I've used BTMS 50 too, not my regular Conditioning Emulsifier 25, and together with Polyquat 7 I feel I have a nice balance between moisturising and conditioning without being heavy.

Mandarin Honey Moisturising Hair Conditioner


Phase One A

Phase One B

Phase Two

Phase Three

Phase Four


  • All your lotion making equipment including gloves
  • Microwave safe Jug to hold 1 litre
  • Microwave safe Jug to hold 250ml
  • Small beaker to hold the Essential Oils and liquids - helpful, not essential
  • Electronic scales

Mandarin Honey Moisturising Hair Conditioner


If you have never made a lotion or emulstion before, we recommend you READ THIS PAGE before beginning this conditioner so that you have all the information required as this page has a shortened version of instructions.


Measure out ingredients into phases - hold aside the dL Panthenol Powder until after you have heated Phase A
Weigh Phase B ingredients into small microwave safe jug
Combine Phase C ingredients in small beaker and set aside

Mandarin Honey Moisturising Hair Conditioner

Heat Phase A to 75°C and then give several blasts with the stick blender. 
After initial mixing add dL Panthenol Powder and stir well to combine.
Now heat Phase B to 70°C and add immediately to Phase A and use stick blender to combine.
Use the stick blender intermittently as you begin the cool down phase.
When the temperature is approiximaately 40°C add Phase C and again mix to combine well.
Continue stirring intermittently to ensure full emulsion takes place.
Now add the Preservative and Fragrance (Phase C) and mix well to combine.

Mandarin Honey Moisturising Hair Conditioner

Continue mixing intermittently until room temperature to ensure the mixture remains homogenous
Pour into pump bottles, Malibu Tubes or your favourite Hair Conditioner bottles.
Do not lid the bottles until the next day to ensure no condensation forms inside the sealed container.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *

I know this graphic makes the cream look quite thick and heavy, but the graphics are of one of my trial batches, and it was very nice, but a little heavier than I wanted.  So the formula above is for my thinner version which is light and pumpable!
However, if you prefer  a thicker product, reduce the water content by 6g and include 6g Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol to Phase Two.

To 'pipe' the finished conditioner into pump bottles or tubes go to THIS page to see our mess free method for filling narrow necked bottles & tubes

 Note:  If using the trolley there are no pump bottles in there so that you can select your preferred bottles.




Difficulty: Experienced Beginner
Yields: 600g
Time: 1 hour
save: No
sale: No