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Light Facial Moisturiser with Argan & Shea Recipe








1 hour


Products you need to make this recipe

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This is a light, but rich facial moisturiser which is packed with luxe ingredients, so doesn't need a high percentage of heavy butters or more robust emulsifiers, and you'll see this formula showcases our organic lotion ingredients.  It is great dispensed from Tottles or Malibu Tubes, a Stubby Shampoo Bottle with a Pump or Oval Bottle with Pump. I scented it with Jasmine and Rosehip Fragrance. My second batch was scented with 1:1 blend of Rose Absolute 3% in Jojoba and Frangipani 10% in Jojoba and it was lovely too :)

This formulation has been amended as Abyssinian Oil stocks was unavailable for some time.  Suitable substitutes have been included, or you can flip back to the amazing Abyssinian Oil Extra  :)


           Phase A

Equipment You'll Need:

1 Pyrex or Microwave Safe jug - 1 litre size
1 Pyrex or microwave safe jug - 250 - 500ml size
Stick Blender or small electric balloon whisk - this must sit UNDER the surface of the mixture
Digital Scales
Small hand whisk, spatulas etc
pH Strips


  • Measure the Distilled Water in a large (1 Litre) Pyrex or microwave safe jug.
  • Remove approximately 30ml of Distilled water from allowance and warm to 40°C in a jug or beaker. Add Geoguard Ultra and mix with small mechanical mixer (if you have one) or tiny whisk to ensure it is well dissolved.  Set aside.
  • Add the Aloe Gel to the balance of the distilled water and heat in microwave to 75°C.
  • Now place Phase B Ingredients into the smaller jug and heat in microwave to 75°C.
  • Once removed from heat, check the water/aloe gel temperature has not dropped below 70°C and then combine Phase A (water phase) and Phase B (Oil Phase) and give a few blasts with the stick blender. Continue to mix intermittently. Use a stick blender held well down under the surface to ensure a smooth mixture without introducing any air into the emulsion.
  • Stir periodically until the mixture cools to approximately 40°C.
  • During cool down, give one or two zaps on the stick blender, and switch to a balloon whisk if necessary to ensure the mixture maintains a smooth, creamy consistency.
  • Now add Hydrolyzed Oats and fragrance or essential oils and combine well.
  • Now test the pH and adjust with citric acid until you achieve a pH of 4.5 - 5.
  • Add the Geogard Ultra mixture in the beaker, and then the Jasmine Absolute, Essential Oils or Rosehip & Jasmine Fragrance.
  • Allow to sit and cool completely before piping into the Malibu tubes or potting up - though you can of course test it immediately!


The emulsifier and stabliser in this formula uses a liquid crystal technology and over zealous stick blending will cause this to break down over time (the liquid cells will release moisture).
If you want to increase moisturising properties further, increase the Hydrolyzed Oats and add some dl Panthenol, and decrease the water content accordingly. You can also include some Sodium Lactate Plus which is an humectant, and is a nice substitute for glycerine.

If you would like a thicker more cream like formula, you can increase the Oliv-Emulse by up to 2%.

The items in the trolley include Jasmine Absolute 3% in Jojoba.  If you don't have any citric Acid on hand, you'll need to add this to your trolley.  There will be left over ingredients from the trolley as all items are standard trolley sizes.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Yields: 600g
Time: 1 hour
sale: No
save: No