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Our book "Making your Own Moisturisers for Face, Body & Feet" is the result of many years of trial and error, and persistence in learning how to make professional emulsions.  There are also hair conditioner formulations and scrubs included in this manual.

Our book has Information and Formulas to get you started making your own emulsions (lotions and creams).  This Book is not intended to be a Professional Handbook, but a starting point for those wishing to understand and begin to make modern, "natural and nearly natural" body products for personal use.

This book provides basic 'grass roots' information suitable for the beginner and the more experienced lotion-maker.  We explain terms and techniques, and include over 30 tried and true formulas to create great creams!  We have also included some more advanced recipes/formulas for when you feel you are ready to go to a new level - this book provides the information and grounding you require.  Our techniques and formulas are designed to be made "in the kitchen" so that everyone can make their own skin care products. Also included is a 10 page glossary to help you get your head around confusing terminology and ingredients.

By making your own moisturisers and skincare products, you can decide which ingredients you will include, and which you won't!

We know this can feel a little daunting - but dive on in, you'll never regret it!

You can also select the Lotion Making Starter Pack separately here (this is not a kit but basic store cupboard lotion making ingredients)

Pages:  101
Spirax Bound

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