Oliv-Emulse Moisturiser








1 - 2 hours

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Beginners Light Lotion

This formulation is an an example of how fabulous our Oliv-Emulse is in emulsions!  This is an elegant, slightly more advanced moisture cream with an amazing skin feel, which is still easy to make. It is suitable for facial application or all over if you prefer. Oliv-Emulse is hypo-allergenic and suits those with very sensitive skin.

Phase A

Phase B

Phase C


  • For instructions on how to make Lotions from Scratch, please see our Basic Moisturiser Making Instructions Page
  • Adjust Fragrance up by 3g to 1% if you prefer a stronger fragrance. This will make the total 100%.
  • The emulsifier and stabliser in this formula use a liquid crystal system and over zealous stick blending will cause this to break down over time (the liquid cells will release moisture). If you want to increase moisturising properties further, increase the Hydrolyzed Oats and add some dl Panthenol, and decrease the water content accordingly. You can also include some Sodium Lactate Plus which is an humectant, and is a nice substitute for glycerine.

If you prefer to to omit Dimethicone, you can sub in Silc-Oliv.  This will change the consistency a little, but it is a good substitute.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Yields: 600g
Time: 1 - 2 hours