Oliv-Emulse is the foundation of our range of high end Olive derived ingredients. We were thrilled when we were offered this range to test. Oliv-Emulse is totally safe and hypoallergenic (clinically tested on humans). Olive Oil is rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants, and these have the ability to neutralise damaging free radicals.

Due to its natural Olive origins, Oliv-Emulse penetrates quickly and exhibits a very high moisturising effect combined with a deliciously smooth skin feel and elegant texture. Moisturisers made with Oliv-Emulse are not only pure white, smooth and silky, but are suited to those with severe sensitivities to cosmetic ingredients.

Compatible with virtually all cosmetic ingredients and active agents, Oliv-Emulse can be used alone or together with co-emulsifiers.  Oliv-Wax and Oliv-Wax LQC are particiularly suited as thickeners and co-emulsifiers though Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol is also compatible for very thick formulations.

Oliv-Emulse is a non-ionic, self-emulsifying system, it is non ethoxylated, offers amazing emollience and feels delicious on your skin. Oliv-Emulse also provides excellent spread-ability and with non soapy-effect.


  • Moisturisers and lotions
  • Night creams
  • Eye creams
  • Products for Sensitive Skin
  • After-sun creams and lotions
  • Baby creams and lotions
  • Hair conditioners and masques

Suggested Usage Rates:

3 - 4% Light, low viscosity products
6 - 8% Thicker viscosity products
pH:  5 - 7
HLB:  9

Clinical Tests Show Olive Oil Derivatives prevent Hair Damage
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This product has been granted EcoCert France approval and can be used in the formulation of cosmetics certified according to Ecological and Organic standards.

This product conforms to the Australian National Standard for Organic & Bio Dynamic Produce 2007.

INCI: Cetearyl Olivate, Sorbitan Olivate