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SKU: silcolv


Silc-Oliv is an economical, natural substitute for silicones, suitable for use in natural skin care products.  Based on renewable sources, Silc-Oliv is an Olive emollient which does not contain additives or preservative and is a highly stable transparent fluid oil, with low odour.

Silc-Oliv exhibits a soft, light, dry emollience, adding a elegant satin effect to skin care products.  Silc-Oliv is as stable as silicone, so has a long shelf life. Silc-Oliv can be used as a vegetable alternative to silicone. It is also useful when used alongside Dimethicone (or Cyclomethicone) so that you can reduce the percentage of silicone in the formulation, and use it almost as an extender so you can have the benefits of silicone, but reduce any negative effects such as build up when included in hair care products.

Suggested usage levels:

Shampoo, hair conditioner, body wash and shower gel: 0.5 to 3%
Body milks, lotions, creams, serums, balms, after shave formulas, anti aging, lip products, after sun 0.5 to 15%
Massage oils, oil cleansers, dry oil sprays etc. - up to 40%

In skin care Silc-Oliv has a unique texture and sensorial performance and presents good affinity with all skin types due to its olive origin. It has excellent moisturising properties, which can restore suppleness and elasticity of the skin. When applied on the skin, the initial sensation is similar to cyclomethicone - very light and non greasy with a satiny feel of volatility (as if it is evaporating on your skin). Silc-Oliv is rapidly absorbed and leaves an elegant, silky and soft sensation with a powdery finish after application. The inclusions of silicones reduce the whitening effect in some formulations.  Silc-Oliv adds this "anti-soaping effect" also and helps improve the spreadability.

Silicone oils in formulation are not compatible with all types of oily ingredients, but Silc-Oliv is more versatile because it can be easily introduced in all types of formulations due to it's excellent compatibility with a wide range of oily ingredients with differing polarities.

In hair care Silc-Oliv adds light conditioning properties very similar to silicones but is easier to incorporate in shampoo and body wash up to 1%, whilst maintaining a good viscosity (thickness). Silc-Oliv is compatible with the most commonly used surfactants and you can therefore avoid having to use a solubiliser to maintain a clear product. Like Dimethicone, the addition of 1% of Silc-Oliv helps improve sheen and assists comb-ability and helps smooth tangles (by decreasing resistance).

Add Silc-Oliv to the phase containing the surfactants, BEFORE you combine with the water phase, add to the oil phase in lotions.

Required HLB for Silc-Oliv  is 8 ± 1
Silc Oliv is 100% Natural and 100% Vegetable origin
Organic standard: Ecocert - COSMOS (Eur)

Palm Oil Free: No
INCI: Hydrogenated Ethylhexyl Olivate (and) Hydrogenated Olive Oil Unsaponifiables