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Coconut & Shea Butter Sugar Scrub Recipe




Products you need to make this recipe

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This is a lightly scented, fluffy and almost dry, tropical body scrub that leaves the skin feeling smooth and polished. Quick and easy to make, and oh, so delicious to use, your skin will be positively glowing in no time!  

We use Caster Sugar for a gentle exfoliating action, but if you prefer a more aggressive scrub, we recommend using granulated white sugar.  This is almost a body polish, and has a very low oil content, so do moisten your skin before application.

There is no preservative in this scrub, so if you are concerned about water being introduced into the scrub during use, we recommend the addition of 1% EPE Preservative.  Mix the preservative with the liquid ingredients prior to introducing them into the dry sugar mixture.


450g Caster or Granulated White Sugar
5 - 10g (1 – 2 teaspoons) Coconut Scrub Granules
½ – 1 teaspoon Saturn or Bumblebee Mica
40g Shea Butter Oil
5 - 10g/ml Coconut & Shea Fragrance Oil
4 x Scrub, Mask & Spa Jar, Large (Black)


1 x 1.5 Litre Pyrex jug or large bowl
1 x 50ml glass beaker or small bowl
Spatulas, spoons, droppers
Measuring Spoons For Mica
Digital scales (preferable but regular will suffice)
Dropper or Pipette


Set out the equipment and ingredients. Place the sugar, mica, and Coconut Scrub Granules into the
large jug or bowl and stir with spoon or spatula to combine well.

Add the Shea Butter Oil and Fragrance Oil to the dry ingredients.  If using a preservative, combine all of the wet ingredients before introducing them to the dry sugar mixture.

Stir with spoon or spatula to combine well. The texture should be well mixed and light and fluffy!

Spoon into the Scrub Jars; don't forget to use the casker seal to help contain the scrub in the jar!


Note: As there is no antioxidant or preservative in this product (we do not anticipate moisture being introduced into the jar) it is best used within 3 - 6 months of making

To Use: Moisten the skin, scrub in a circular motion and rinse. Moisturise as usual.

You'll find the sugar for this recipe in your local wholefoods store; they are not included in the Trolley Items

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