Coconut and Lemon Sugar or Salt Scrub








30 mins

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Coconut Lemon Sugar Salt Scrub

A Lemon Essential Oil  and Coconut Oil Sugar or Salt Scrub is easily customisable!  Change this recipe to suit your skin - this scrub leaves legs and elbows soft and supple. 

Try using our Bail Jars or Wide Neck Jars for presentation and/or storage for your scrub.


This is recipe is really just a guide using yummy ingredients - you can customise by:

  • Increasing or decreasing the amount of Rice Bran Oil (or your liquid oil of choice) will make a firmer or looser scrub
  • Select a coarse and fine granule salt, Himalyan salt or use natural or caster sugars.  Fine granules are actually very exfoliating
  • For a finer blend, use a coffee grinder to make sugar and/or salt granules smaller
  • For a different style of scrub, use pure white Caster Sugar for a clean look
  • Change the Essential Oil or blend them if desired
  • The Polysorbate 20 allows some of the oil to rinse from your skin, thus making your skin soft, but not greasy, this can be increased or decreased
    Instead of salt, try grind Rice to a fine texture, this is nice too
  • Use a Fragrance, or blend of Fragrance and Essential Oils

To Make:
Mix all ingredients together. If making during winter, you may wish to slightly warm the coconut oil to enable it to mix more easily. In summer this won’t be necessary.

To Use:
Spoon or scoop out some scrub, and use on arms and legs (this recipe is not suitable for the face). I like to sit or stand in the bath so there's little mess.

Our recommendation is to use 1% Phenoserve to preserve this scrub, particularly if storing for any length of time.

Note:  If using the trolley items, there are no jars in there - just select your preference and add to the trolley separately.

Difficulty: Beginner
Yields: 350g
Time: 30 mins