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Fairy Floss Sugar Scrub Cubes






10 packs


1 hour


Products you need to make this recipe

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Fairy Floss Single Use Sugar Scrub Cubes


Single use Sugar Scrub Cubes are very popular, and this recipe is a snap to make! You can use regular white sugar, or if you prefer a smoother scrub, select Caster Sugar.  You will have a smoother product with the caster sugar but will use more of it.  The more sugar you add, the stiffer the mixture will be.  You can pour these using less sugar, which is easiest when using tart moulds.

Solid Sugar Cubes are easy to make, require no preservative as they don’t contain any water based ingredients, and these contain Apricot Kernel Oil and Cocoa Butter which are just great for your skin.

This project forms part of our Fairy Floss Trio - Melt and Pour Soap, Lip Balm and these cubes.  If you are making all three projects some ingredients are used in more than one project, so you can purchase all the bundle ingredients you need from the Fairy Floss Trio Tutorial Page

To make one full batch for 10 tart moulds:

For 3 different colour, single pour batches, each batch needs:

If you prefer to make smaller single colour batches as I have done, each colour needs:

        90g Clear Melt & Pour Soap Base
 35 - 40g Apricot Kernel Oil (or your preferred fixed oil)
 28 - 30g Glycerine PF Vegetable
        15g Cocoa Butter
2.5 - 4g/ml Cotton Candy Floss Fragrance

160 -180g White Sugar, either caster or regular (finer or regular for a coarser scrub)


  • 1 - 3 x Heat proof microwave jugs, plastic or Pyrex, approximately 500ml volume
  • Pot Mitt if using Pyrex – PYREX GETS HOT in the microwave, take care when removing jug
  • Spatulas
  • Spoons
  • Paper towels etc
  • Disposable Pipettes

TIP:  By using white sugar you will keep clean, fresh colours, if you want to use raw or unrefined caster sugar the colour will be affected.

Colour Info:  This product contains some water based ingredients and some oil based ingredients. If you are using micas, you can add them anytime before the sugar.  If you are using the colourants specified they will be more miscible in the heated Melt & Pour Soap and glycerine.  If you are switching to oil based colourants they need to be added to the oils.  See below for the methods.

Fairy Floss Single Use Sugar Scrub Cubes
Method (for making 3 smaller batches):

  • Prepare work surface, equipment and assemble ingredients.
  • Set the sugar aside.
  • In a microwave jug place the Cocoa Butter and Apricot Kernel Oil and heat on high until melted – this will only take a minute or two – take care not to over heat or boil.
  • Once melted, remove from the microwave.
  • Dice the Melt and Pour Soap Base and place in another jug with the Glycerine PF and heat in the microwave in short bursts until melted.

Fairy Floss Single Use Sugar Scrub Cubes

 Now Colour:

  • If using liquid colours, colour the melted soap base and glycerine to a rich, deep colour.
  • If using Powdered Lake Dyes or Oil Soluble Powdered Dyes, add to the melted oil and Cocoa Butter.
  • If using micas to colour, you can add these to the mixture once combined or moisten with a little oil first.

We are using the following

  • For the blue:  Astral Blue Mica (we previously used a liquid blue). Add to the melted soap base and glycerine, stir well and then combine with the liquid oil and Cocoa Butter. 

  • For the purple:  Royal Purple Liquid Pigment Dispersion. Add to the melted soap base stir well and then combine with the liquid oil and Cocoa Butter. 

  • For the pink:  Pink Raspberry Mica. Combine the melted cocoa butter and oil with the glycerine and melted soap base, then add the mica powder. 
  • Begin with the blue batch, making as described above,
  • Once the colour, soap and oils are well combined, add 2.5 - 4g/ml Cotton Candy Fragrance and stir well.

Fairy Floss Single Use Sugar Scrub Cubes

Fairy Floss Single Use Sugar Scrub Cubes

  • Next begin adding sugar – up to 180g for the ⅓ batch size.  Begin by adding half and stir, the mixture should be sloppy but not completely liquid.  Continue adding until you get a medium pourable consistency.  Remember, you can control the thickness, less sugar = smoother cubes, more sugar = more substantial scrubs! 

Fairy Floss Single Use Sugar Scrub Cubes

  • Pour into 2 of the cavities of each tart mould.
  • Now repeat with jug two and the purple colourant.  Do exactly as with the first batch.
  • After this, for the third, pink batch, you can combine all the ingredients and then add the colour, or to either of the jugs.  Proceed after this as previously.
  • If making these in very hot weather, pop them into the freezer for a few minutes to firm them up more quickly.
  • Once they are completely cold and set up seal the lids down and label.

Fairy Floss Product Group

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Palm Oil Free: Yes
Difficulty: Beginner
Yields: 10 packs
Time: 1 hour
save: No
sale: No