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Sodium Lactate Plus




Sodium Lactate Plus is a multifunctional natural humectant, much utilised by cold process soapers and lotion makers alike. It allows slightly soft soap recipes to release from the mould more easily (when using intricate moulds or the cube design), increases lather and adds mildness. It is also a good substitute for glycerine in skin care formulations adding moisture and light conditioning.

Sodium Lactate is a sodium salt of natural L(+)-lactic acid, which is produced by fermentation of sugar.  It has a mild saline taste and has a neutral pH. We have chosen this specialised Sodium Lactate ingredient because of the inclusion of Sodium Gluconate, which contributes skin conditioning.

Sodium Lactate Plus is an excellent inclusion in all bar soaps, bath, skin care and hair care products.  Because Sodium Lactate Plus has water binding capability and contributes an emollient feel, this makes it a sought after natural ingredient in salon and spa quality products. Tests have shown it is an effective ingredient in hair detanglers.  Even in rinse off products, Sodium Lactate Plus dramatically improves the moisture content of the skin.

For soapers, Sodium Lactate Plus is an excellent mould release assistant!  It's inclusion is a must for hard to unmould and silicone moulds as there is little evaporation from silicone log and loaf moulds.  I use 1 - 2% in most of my recipes.  It's natural and doesn't affect trace at all!

Sodium Lactate Plus offers these benefits in your lotions, bath & body products:

  • Skin friendliness - produces a milder bar soaps with reduced TEWL (trans epidermal water loss)
  • Skin Conditioning - in bar soaps, lotions, hair care products
  • Boosts lather, and produces a more luxurious, creamy stable foam in soaps
  • Extends usage life of bar soaps
  • Hardens oil-based bar soaps
  • Humectant qualities - in all soaps, skincare and hair care products
  • Suitable for Vegans

Most people prefer to use 2 - 5% Sodium Lactate in their Bar Soaps (according to participants in manufacturer's sensory usage trial)

Recommended Usage Rate: 1% to 5% (I use 4 teaspoons per 1kg oils for Cold Process Soap)

You'll find our Moisturising Hair Conditioner Formula using Sodium Lactate Plus Here and there are lots of Cold Process Soap recipes which use it too!

Palm Oil Free: Yes
INCI: Sodium Lactate & Sodium Gluconate