Sodium Coco Sulfate Needles




No Palm Oil!  
SCS offers an abundance of lather, excellent cleansing and the ability to be used in all sorts of solid shampoo and cleansing bars.

SCS is an alkyl sulfate produced from a coco-fatty alcohol.  It is anionic and can also be incorporated into shampoos, body washes, liquid hand soaps, facial cleansers, shaving foams, bar soaps, and other personal care applications to provide a more rapid viscosity response than other anionic surfactants.  It performs as efficiently as the ubiquitous SLS, but is much milder, therefore more gentle, offers high lathering and when used for shampoo bars offers a pleasing aesthetic.

Surfactant Class:  Anionic
Usage:  Primary and/or Co-surfactant, particularly in solid products
May be used as:  Primary and/or Co-surfactant
Appearance:  White to off white needles
pH, 1% aqueous:  10.5
Foam:  Dense, rich, creamy
Actives:  91%
Biodegradability: Readily biodegradable
CAS #:  68955-19-1
Regarded as :  Natural
Raw Material:  Vegetable Derived, Coconut

Palm Oil Free: Yes
INCI: Sodium coco-sulfate