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Coco Mango Scrub Cubes Melt & Pour Soap Recipe




Experienced Beginner


12 cubes


1 hour


Products you need to make this recipe

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Deliciously scented, these Palm Free Mango Butter Scrub Cubes have a thin layer of Coconut Scrub Granules on one side, and moisturising soap in the main bar.

PLEASE NOTE:  The mould pictured in this tutorial has been discontinued and has been replaced with our Flexible Mould - 12 Bar Square.


1 litre or larger microwave safe jug (or crockpot)
1 small microwave safe jug

Flexible Mould - 12 Bar Square
Isopropyl Alcohol & Spritz Bottle
Scales – Useful but not essential
A square piece of card to cover the larger jug in the microwave


  • If you are making large volume pours, a crockpot is useful for the large volume of Mango Butter Soap Base.
  • To make this project using our regular natural soap bases, substitute with Clear and Cocoa Butter Melt and Pour Soap Bases and lower the temperatures in the instructions by about 15°C.


Coconut Mango Palm Free Scrub Cubes
Dice and weigh the soap bases into separate jugs or bowls.
Melt the Crystal RC Base to about 75°C, but don’t let it boil – heat in 30 second bursts and stir each time.

Coconut Mango Palm Free Scrub Cubes

Remove from microwave and spritz with alcohol and then add 3ml Coconut Mango Fragrance and stir well to combine.

Coconut Mango Palm Free Scrub Cubes

Now add the Coconut Scrub Granules and stir to combine.

Coconut Mango Palm Free Scrub Cubes

The temperature should be about 70°C now, and carefully pour a thin layer of this soap into each of the cavities.

Coconut Mango Palm Free Scrub Cubes

Spritz with alcohol and allow to set up.

Coconut Mango Palm Free Scrub Cubes

Now place the Mango Butter Soap Base into the microwave and cover with the piece of card as this will take a little while to melt. 
Set to medium and begin melting in 1 – 2 minute bursts, stir and continue with this process until it is completely liquid
(this will take a little while which is why a crock pot is useful for larger batches).  Do watch this and stir as you don’t want it to boil.

Coconut Mango Palm Free Scrub Cubes

Once liquid, remove from microwave and stir well to ensure there are no lumps of unmelted soap base.
Check the temperature and when it around 70°C add 15 - 17g/ml Coconut Mango Fragrance and stir well to combine.

Check that the thin scrubby layer of soap is completely set in the cube mould, then spritz the surface of the set soap well with
Isopropyl Alcohol and begin pouring the scented mango butter soap into each cavity.

Coconut Mango Palm Free Scrub Cubes

When finished spritz again with Isopropyl Alcohol and allow several hours, or preferably overnight to set up.
To unmould, carefully release the airlock in the out sides of the cube cavities and then invert the mould. 
Press the heel of your hand on the base of the mould and the soap will begin to release down and you can take out each cube.
Wrap as usual.

Coconut Mango Palm Free Scrub Cubes

Palm Oil Free: Yes
Difficulty: Experienced Beginner
Yields: 12 cubes
Time: 1 hour
sale: No
save: No