Spa Minerals, Aussie Golden




Comprised of Zeolite, this pearly golden mineral blend will help increase the activity in clays and has amazing healing properties.  Zeolite minerals are slowly proving themselves in the health and beauty industry for their ability to draw out toxins and help healing processes. They are also used in slimming wraps, to reduce swelling and assist in healing abcesses.

Golden Spa Minerals are suitable for all skin types and is a powerful detoxer, deep cleanser, deodorises, draws and heals.

To use in Soap:

Cold Processed Soap:  Suggested usage rate is 1 dessertspoon to 1 tablespoon per kilo of soap (swirling will use less).  Mix into a slurry with either water or thinly traced soap before adding to soap prior to Fragrance or Essential Oils.

Melt & Pour Soap: 1 teaspoon per 500g of soap. Mix the clay to a slurry or paste with some water or glycerine and gently stir into the melted soap.

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Country of Origin: Australia

INCI: Zeolite