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Whipped Mango Lip Butter






12 x 30ml Jars


45 mins


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This formula makes a light, whipped but firm lip butter, perfect for sun or wind chapped lips.  It contains a lot of Mango Butter, and has Castorlene Gel (a vegetable alternative to petroleum jelly made from Castor Oil) to help protect and repair the lips. The inclusion of Shea Butter Oil, Pure Oat Oil and Vitamin E help to nourish the lips.

This Whipped Lip Butter is made at room temperature, however if you are in a very cold climate, or making this in winter you may want to slightly soften the Mango Butter by giving it 30 seconds in the microwave before you begin.  If using Pyrex, you will find the glass holds the heat, so don't over heat it or it will take ages to cool down again and whip nicely.  FYI our mixture was 27°C when it was whipped and ready to spoon into the jars.

Like all anhydrous products, don't leave it in the glove box, direct sun or other hot environment as it will melt in the Australian summer sun!  Store in a cool spot, away from the heat for it to maintain it's lovely texture to the very end.

Testing the Firmness of the Butter:

We recommend popping a teaspoon into the freezer and then dipping the tip of the spoon into the freshly whipped Lip Butter, this way it will firm up immediately.  Leave on the spoon for 5 minutes of so until it returns to room temperature and test.  If it's a little too firm for you, just add some more liquid oil and continuing beating until well incorporated.


Whipped Mango Lip Butter


Pyrex or similiar jug which holds approximately 1 Litre
Egg beater
Knife and spatula
Metal tea spoon for testing the hardness - have in freezer
Digital Scales


  • Add the Mango Butter to the jug and before you turn the beater on, squish the Mango Butter using the beater to make it softer and easier to whip

Whipped Mango Lip Butter

  •  After the first initial beating, you'll see it start to come together, change colour and begin to look shiny.

Whipped Mango Lip Butter

  • Time to add the Castorlene Gel and the other additives - except the sweetener and flavour.

Whipped Mango Lip Butter

  • Turn the beater to high and beat for several minutes to incorporate the oils and begin to increase the volume.

Whipped Mango Lip Butter

  • Check the consistency - it's looking good!
  • Now add the flavour and sweetener - we added the amounts listed but feel free to adjust up or down to suit your own taste.

Whipped Mango Lip Butter

  • Continue beating - you'll notice it's getting lighter in colour and more glossy.

Whipped Mango Lip Butter

  •  Nearly there, it's look good on the beater, another few mintues will see a nice stiff mixture

Whipped Mango Lip Butter

  • Done!  The texture looks almost like stiff egg whites and holds it's shape when you remove the beater.
  • Now it is time to check the firmness and lip feel.
  • Remove the teaspoon and allow a minute or so for it to warm up slightly.  Then dip the tip into the mixture and trial it to see if it's the hardness you like - DO NOT PUT A FROZEN SPOON TO YOUR LIPS!
  • If it's too firm add a little more Liquid Shea Oil and beat well to combine.

Whipped Mango Lip Butter

  • Spoon into the jars (you can pipe it in if you prefer) and allow them to set up nice and firmly in the fridge.
  • Allow to return to room temperature before lidding and labelling.

Whipped Mango Lip Butter 

Palm Oil Free: Yes
Difficulty: Beginner
Yields: 12 x 30ml Jars
Time: 45 mins
save: No
sale: No