Mango and Mac Lip Balm




Mac & Mango Lip Balm

No Scales Lip Balm

We had our lovely chunky Maxi Lip Tubes arrive and thought it was high time I had a play with a new lip balm formula. Well, not so much a formula as a recipe, because it’s in volume measurements, not grams or percentages. If you are just starting out, it is always preferable to make your Bath and Body (and essential in the case of Cold Processed Soap) by weight and percentages.

However, we have lots of home crafter customers who don’t have scales that measure to 1g or lower, and that just like to quickly measure and make a “recipe”. This means that you will find variation in the hardness and properties of the Lip Balm, but we feel it’s important to cater to everyone, so let’s go!


Use a “proper” measuring spoon, as they usually have more vertical sides (rather than a kitchen spoon) to have uniformity of measure

This formula sets firmly and is suitable in Lip Tubes, but if want a softer lip balm, live in a cold climate, or making for winter, increase the Macadamia Oil a little, a teaspoon at a time. To test for hardness, follow instructions below, and then drip 2 drops of still liquid hot liquid balm onto a cold metal spoon and test. It sets immediately on the cold spoon and won’t burn your tongue or lips.

If you have concerns about nut allergies, switch to Olive or Rice Bran Oil.

Castor Oil is not terribly pleasant to taste, so we recommend using some Sweetener (of choice). We used a collection of different pots and tubes, as you can see, and the basic formula filled 4 Maxi Lip Tubes, 2 Mini Lip Tubes, 1 Lip Jar and 1 Clear Lip Pot. Variety is the spice of life!





  • Measure the waxes and Butter Up into the jug and melt for approximately 3 – 4 minutes until liquid
  • Use pot mitt to remove from microwave and add the Mango Butter and liquid oils and stir through, and heat for a further ½ to 1 minute until completely melted
  • Again use pot mitt to remove from microwave and test for hardness as suggested above
  • If you are happy with the hardness, now add the Lip Smacking Sweetener and Flavour to taste, you test the same way with the metal spoon to check how much you want to use
  • Carefully pour into the containers you are using and allow to set
  • Lid when completely set and cold
Difficulty: Beginner
Yields: 5 tablespoons
Time: 45 mins