Jojoba Lip Protection Balm








45 mins

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Jojoba Lip Protection Balm

Jojoba Lip Protection Balm is a soft, buttery balm, but contains enough Beeswax and Jojoba Esters to give it "stickability".  For me this means, I only need to apply a tinsy amount to my lips three times during my day and my lips stay moist and supple.  

Seriously, this as easy as making a cup of instant coffee, really simple.

I  compare the consistency to "slightly thicker than the petroleum based vaseline", but it isn't greasy like vaseline, and leaves a light, soft finish on your lips.   My Lip Protector has received excellent feedback from sailing enthusiasts and sunseekers - so here it is for you!



  • Weigh all ingredients except the Almond  Oil into a 500ml Pyrex Jug (or other microwavable jug).
  • Melt on high or medium high for 1 - 3 minutes - this depends on the power of the microwave.  Use a pot mitt - Pyrex gets very hot!  Only heat until the beeswax beads are completely melted.
  • Now add the Almond Oil and stir well.  When you add the cool liquid oil you will see some clouding (setting) in the base of the jug but it quickly re-melts and stirs through as Pyrex holds the heat.
  • Once it is starting to set up (you'll see product around the walls of the jug), add a few drops of Lip Smacking Sweetener, I use about 4 - 6 drops, not too sweet, but this takes the oily/waxy taste away.
  • Add flavour if using and taste test by dropping a drop onto a cold metal teaspoon.
  • Now it is simply a case of a gentle stir as it continues cooling, then carefully pour into the Lip Jars and allow to set.

TIP:  When making my second batch I actually stirred right through cool down and setting up and it came out sort of fluffed up (as pictured in the glass bowl on the left side of the graphic).

If using 'Add to Trolley' you will have left over ingredients and need to select which lip pots you require and add these separately


Palm Oil Free: Yes
Difficulty: Beginner
Yields: 100g
Time: 45 mins