Lip Balm Filling Tray




Our new Lip Balm Filling Trays make pouring lip balms a breeze!  Your can pour individual tubes with the tray catching any spills or use them to flood the surface, whichever method you prefer.

Insert tubes into the holes from underneath (invert the tray), then pour lip balm into the tubes until they are filled completely.  When completely set, use the spatula to clean away any excess balm which can be remelted.  Then remove the tubes from the tray and lid.

Note:  Our tray suits our Clear (Natural) SKU LTN and White SKU LTW REGULAR Lip Balm Tubes ONLY - other sizes will not fit, and tubes purchased elsewhere may not fit. 

Set:  Comprises tray and scraper/spatula (no tubes)
Capacity: 50 tubes
Diameter: 1.4cm
Material: HDPE
Colour:  Green