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Whipped Shea, Jojoba & Lanolin Buttery Balm








45 min + 30 min


Products you need to make this recipe

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This formula makes a naturally buttery, nourishing, anhydrous balm which is helpful for dry roughened skin, like heels and elbows, or work weary hands.  If you are using this balm as an overnight treatment, it's best to pop a pair of cotton gloves or socks on after a generous application.  This way you'll have softer skin in the morning, but you won't have a buttery bed!

This balm does not contain water based ingredients, so does not require a preservative.  The glycerine does require emulsifying, and the Conditioning Emulsifier does this as well as adding a nicer feel to the skin after application.  The Dri Silc will help skin feel, or you can try Dry Flo, but remember this is still an anhydrous product, not an light moisturiser.  We use the short cut "one pot method" for this balm, which saves on time and clean up, however just like a lotion the mixture must be stirred during cool down.  I make this over two days - begin whipping on day one, and the next day finish with a final whip to ensure it's a smooth, creamy and shiny consistency.

If you would like it a smidge softer, you can substitute Olive Butter or Mango Butter instead of the Organic Shea Butter.  This formula is too thick for a Malibu Tube, but if you prefer to dispense from a Malibu Tube, change the Organic Shea Butter to Liquid Shea Butter, and increase the Jojoba by 15g.

You can make this unscented or use Essential Oils or Fragrance to scent , which ever is your tipple of choice.  I have scented this batch with Relax Essential Oil Blend because I often have some on at night and I don't want any uplifting essential oils to keep me awake!  For day use, I love Wildflower Honey Fragrance which is one of my favourites.

Phase One

Phase Two

Phase Three

You might like to try these simple essential oil blends:




There will be a lot of ingredients left over as the trolley uses retail size packs.


Microwave safe jug - if using Pyrex, you'll need a pot mitt too
Spoons, spatulas etc
Electric mixer (not a stick blender)

Whipped Shea, Jojoba and Lanolin Buttery Balm


  • Place Phase One ingredients into the microwave safe jug and melt in the microwave until liquid.  This will take several minutes on high, take care to avoid overheating.  I like to heat to 60°C for this product
  • Remove from microwave and add Organic Shea Butter.  This will melt in a couple of minutes in the hot oils

Whipped Shea, Jojoba and Lanolin Buttery Balm

  •  Now add the Dri Silc and stir well to combine.  Press any little lumps out onto the inside wall of the jug

Whipped Shea, Jojoba and Lanolin Buttery Balm

  •  Now is the time for patience!  The temperature will be about 50°C.  The temperature needs to drop to around 35° - 30°C to begin whipping
  • Continue to stir manually during cool down
  • Once the temperature is down to around 30°C add the Phase Three ingredients and stir to combine.  I transferred the mixture to a narrow jug, so I could use one beater, but you can use two beaters and the original jug if there is sufficient room in the jug to whip the mixture

Whipped Shea, Jojoba and Lanolin Buttery Balm

  • Now begin whipping.  You can see from the images above that the colour changes from a liquid ghee colour to condensed milk colour (and consistency as the temperature drops down to room temperature and you whip.  If the colour doesn't change, check the temperature, it will be too hot.  So you'll need to grab a coffee and come back!  The mixture will begin to thicken around 25°C
  • Once you have increased the volume, and the temperature is down to room temperature or around 20 - 25°C give the mixture a final whip and cover overnight with a clean piece of lint free paper towel
  • When you check the cream on the next day you'll notice it has thickened up somewhat.  Give a final whip with the electric beater and then spoon into the cosmetic jars

 If using "Add to Trolley" there is no fragrance or Essential Oils included.  You will have left over ingredients for future batches or products.

Difficulty: Beginner
Yields: 400g
Time: 45 min + 30 min
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sale: No