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Kokum & Jojoba Intensive Body Balm Recipe




4 x 100g Jars


1 Hour (including cool down )


Products you need to make this recipe

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This is a rich, soft balm that is oh, so nourishing! Perfect as a winter body balm, only a small amount will go a long way towards revitalising your under-hydrated skin! This formula remains soft for a smooth and gentle application using a spatula or your fingertips.

If you prefer a harder balm, we recommend including some Beeswax, or more Cera Bellina.

Please note, if you substitute Avocado Oil in this recipe the finished balm will be a dark green/yellow colour.


   64g Kokum Butter
   46g Butter Easy
112g Fractionated Coconut Oil
   74g Jojoba Oil or Avocado Oil
   40g Argan Oil
   60g Cera Bellina
Up to 40 - 80 drops (2 - 4ml/g) Rose Absolute Essential Oil, or your favourite blend or Fragrance Oil

4 x Scrub, Masks & Spa, Medium (Black) 
1 x 250ml or 500ml Pyrex jug or heat safe bowl
1 x 250ml glass beaker or small bowl
Digital scales



Combine the Kokum Butter, Butter Easy, Cera Bellina, and Fractionated Coconut Oil in a small heat-proof jug or ceramic bowl.
Microwave on Medium/High until just melted.
Do not overheat. When ready, there will be a few beads of wax left unmelted.
Remove from microwave and stir to dissolve those last few granules.
Allow to sit for 10 minutes or so and then stir again.
Add the Jojoba and Argan Oil and stir to combine. Stir the mixture intermittently as it cools down.
Once it starts to thicken, add Rose Essential Oil or your favourite blend and stir to combine well.
Pour into jars, tubs or, pots.  Lid when completely cold.


Tip: If you wish to apply to your feet at night, use thin cotton socks to avoid making your sheets very greasy. You will wake up with nourished, moisturised feet the next morning!

Yields: 4 x 100g Jars
Time: 1 Hour (including cool down )
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