Allantoin Powder


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Allantoin Powder is an excellent addition to the most luxurious of handmade products and has been widely used for decades in OTC topical products as well as in cosmetic  formulations.  It is effective at only 0.5% (more is not necessary better!) within your formulation.  It can be added to nearly any water based-recipe.  

Allantoin is a superior humectant, which means it draws moisture from the air to the skin, helping to keep the skin soothed and moisturised. It's an excellent addition to facial toners, lotions, creams, and even mineral makeup.  Allantoin encourages new and healthy tissue growth which promotes healthy, supple skin.   

Allantoin is compatible with most ingredients used in personal care formulations. 

Usage Tips:  It is best to add the powder to a portion of room temperature water phase distilled water, then heat to 54°C to ensure solubilisation and avoid any grittiness or "fish eyes" in your lotion further on during storage of the finished product.  After that continue with your usual practice.  If you still experience solubilisation issues, try adding it to the heated water phase (70°C) at 0.5%. Usage higher than this can result in the product becoming gritty in some formulas.

CAS #:  97-59-6
Water Soluble, 1g in 199g H2O
Usage Rate:  0.5 - 2%
Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegan
Store away from heat, light and moisture


  • Face, hand and body creams and lotions
  • Shaving products
  • After-sun care products
  • Acne formulations
  • Deodorants and powders
  • Nappy rash creams 
INCI: Allantoin