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Coconut Oil


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This is one of "THE" oils for soap making that gives natural soap its lather.  Coconut Oil is extracted from the kernel of mature coconuts and In its natural form it is also very good for the skin and hair. Coconut Oil can be used in soaps, creams and lotions and is good for all skin types.

It makes a hard bar with big bubbly lather.... an absolute must for veggie oil based soaps.

If you are new to soaping, the melt point of Coconut Oil is 24°C, it will often arrive a liquid and then solidify when in your soap store - it gets hot in delivery vans! If purchasing in bulk packs you may need to give it a stir or shake before use.

Our 1kg and 4kg sizes are packed in Jerry Cans, and our 2kg size is packed in a spout pouch - this avoids leakage in the mail. 15 Litre size comes packed in a bag inside a carton and this has a spout, but not a tap (like a wine cask). 

This is known as 76°F Coconut Oil. (RBD)
Country of Origin: Malaysia
Cold Pressed

Note: In cool weather this oil is a solid and white in colour, in warmer weather it is a bright yellow lliquid as shown in the photo with the pouch.

If you are looking at this ingredient for use in FOOD, please read this page

INCI: Cocos nucifera (Coconut) Oil