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Deo-Lotion Bar Tubes, Wind Up




Our Crystal Clear Wind Up Tubes partner with our Airless Bottles, so you can mix and match your product range, or select the tube you prefer.  The finish is crystal clear, with a clear lid and base.  Our Airless Pumps match in look and style perfectly!

These tubes are “bottom fill” and are supplied with a rigid inner seal on the top of the tube, which produces a professional finish to the product, and it also allows an easy fill once inverted (because the outer lid is in place).  Once the product is completely solid and cold (room temperature) you can place the base cap onto the tube, label and it is sealed, ready for sale.  To enable the product to wind up easily, avoid filling over the two spoked wheels in the mechanism.  See the graphics for fill information.

If you do fill a little too hot creating heat tunnels, the heat tunnels do not show, as they will be in the base.  This said, the manufacturer recommends a fill temperature of 70°C or less.

Capacity:  30ml
Colour:  Crystal Clear/clear
Overall Height inc Lid:  77mm 
Tube Diameter:  35mm
Label size (from base of lid to tube bottom no base cap):  49mm
Label size (from base of lid to the base including base closure cap:  59mm
Recommended Fill temperature: 70°C or less
Material: SAN (AS)
Recyclable # 7

Bulk Packs are not eligible for further discount

As with all packaging, we recommend thorough testing of packaging before purchasing large quantities.  It is your responsibility to ensure the packaging is compatible with your product / formula.  Volumes given are from the manufacturer, with no marked fill levels on the container – it is important that you weigh or measure your product to ensure your labels are correct. The type of product and viscosity may affect volume too.